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Rotary Club of Capitol Hill (RCCH)Foundation Request for partners to implement FY2022-2023 International Service Projects 1. Ghana: Teteman Sanitation and Hygiene Project (TESAHP) • Grant type: Multi club: RCCH, Rotary Club of Metro Bethesda, Rotary-Club of Accra-South, Ghana + District Designated Funds (DDF)) • Club Point of contact and email address: Pauline Simmons; Outstanding amount to implement project: $27,000 Amount funded by the RCCH Foundation: $5,000 Amount funded by Metro Bethesda Rotary Club: $1,000 Amount DDF requested: $6,000 Goal of the TESAHP is to curtail open defecation, improve sanitary conditions, decrease/eradicate infectious diseases (typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and intestinal worms) and improve the environment by addressing the deplorable sanitation and poor hygienic practices for approximately 5,000 residents of Teteman. The town’s mountainous rural community is mainly comprised of peasant farmers with vicious cycles of poverty. Objective is to provide four (8) urinals four (4) and washing basins two buildings with 10 flushing water closets and 5 hand washing basins. The Teteman municipal administration will provide sensitization training to address management and governance systems prior to utilization of the facilities. As well, prior to utilization, training will be provided on how to utilize the facilities, and quarterly thereafter, on sanitation and hygienic practices for approximately 1,500 members of the Teteman community. The Rotary Club of Metro Bethesda and the Teteman Diaspora Association will partner with the RCCH on this project, and the Rotary Club of Accra-South will serve as the international implementing partner. Eligibility for District or international funding match: Office of the Member of Parliament for Buem Constituency, where Teteman is located, will provide water and storage tanks for the hygiene and sanitation facilities. For management and sustainability purposes, the office will also assign a municipal engineer for the project. The Teteman Diaspora Association contributed $2,000 to RCCH Foundation and will provide $1,000 as seed money for a sanitation and hygiene account to maintain the facilities for long-term sustainability.