Rotary Club of Asheville South

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The primary objective of this project is to expand a rudimentary water distribution system that irrigates a small tea farm in Western Rwanda. This project will not only provide irrigation to the tea farm, it will also have capacity to aid in irrigation of nearby village farms and to provide water for family garden use all of which contributes to the local agribusiness environment. The Umutuzo Women’s Cooperative operates the farm. As a separate endeavor apart from this project, we intend to acquire adjacent property to increase the tea farm’s acreage. This project will build on the success of the initial water project by substantially increasing the capacity of the irrigation system. This will allow the cooperative to irrigate the larger farm area. Additionally, we plan to configure the distribution system to make water available for garden use to other farms and families in the vicinity. We will also take steps to improve water pressure at the delivery points. The new water delivery system will benefit not only the Cooperative but will also benefit the eight villages along the route of the system from its source. Farmers and others participating in local agribusinesses will benefit as they extend their growing season and will no longer have to haul water from a distant source during the dry season. This will enable children normally involved in water transportation to go back to school. Local farms and families will derive increased revenue and profit from irrigating additional acreage made possible by the expanded system capacity. This added profit will help lift families from poverty.