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Rehabilitation of $ Boreholes in Lado Payam South Sudan. Since 2011, the communities of Jebel Ladu have suffered severed with drought and floods. The MayNovember 2021 Floods, report the most devastating since 1960s, affected 6 out of 8 payams. Impacting around 20000 people and displacing more than 35000. In critical water scarcity periods, women and girls in Jebel Ladu are forced to spend half of a midnight in existing water source. Conflicts are exacerbated amongst women, men, girls, and boys in water sources during crucial times. Men are left home to take care of children while women go a long distance to fetch water and hence losing productive time that is meant for agriculture and other economic activities. The vulnerable groups suffer in accessing water and thus affecting their livelihood and health in general. Similarly, people living with disabilities (PLWDs) are much affected when it comes to movement for long distances and hours to fetch water for consumption.